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"Therapy? Me? But I don't need therapy!"

First of all, it's not really about need. Most people would probably benefit from therapy whether they strictly need it or not.

Secondly, there's nothing wrong with needing or getting therapy in the first place. If that doesn't jive with what you believe, here are some rebuttals to common reasons given that people avoid therapy.

It's only for really crazy people
Therapy doesn't have to be about big gigantic life-altering goals (though of course it can be). Therapy is for anyone who is feeling like they're stuck somewhere, that there's something they want to change in their life but are having trouble figuring it out themselves. Therapy isn't an admission that you're crazy, or of any sort of failure. It's like having a mentor at work, but for your emotions. And you don't have to go to therapy forever!
There's no way I can talk to a stranger about this stuff
We're not going to lie, of course it can be hard to open up. But helping you figure out what you want to and are comfortable saying is part of a therapist's job. A good therapist won't push you more than you're ready, but will look to find areas you are ready to speak about. Seeing any sort of doctor isn't always easy, but it's good for our health (physical or mental!) to go.
Other people deserve it more
If a therapist is legitimately too busy for additional clients, they generally do not accept new patients. This isn't about having to be the most worst off in the world, therapy isn't only for those in desperate need. Part of the point of therapy is catching someone before they hit rock bottom. You are a wonderful person and if you think you might want help, you 100% deserve it.
It's too expensive
We know, right? Healthcare, man. That said, some insurances do have mental health coverage. Some providers offer sliding-scale payments to customers who can't afford their full cost. Also, many providers will offer a free phone consultation to get an idea if you might be a good fit before having to pay the full cost of an appointment.
I don't have time
If you think you spend at least an hour a week getting distracted by worries, or too sad to do much productively, or making up for things you said, you can try spending that hour a week working to address those issues instead! If you are totally functional all the time, well, maybe you don't need therapy. But seriously - calling around to providers can often find someone who can accommodate strange schedules, early mornings, lunches, evenings. There are also online options these days! Finally… do you have time to keep *not* getting help?
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