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So you don't want to take meds?

I'm going to start by saying that this is probably not your best idea. Now, I know you probably don't agree with me, for one or maybe many various reasons, but if you're willing, I'd like to take some time (as a fellow crazy person who has also not wanted to take meds for various reasons at earlier points in my life) and try to convince you that maybe you should take your meds. At least for today. And then you can come back tomorrow and read this again, and we'll go from there.

First, I want you to know that thinking about quitting your meds is very common. I'm not actually sure I've run into anyone who has been 100% on board with their pills the whole time they are taking them. And there are lots of good reasons for this! Often times that side effects suck, some meds seem to make things worse before they get better, many of us go into a remission of sorts and wonder if we still need them.

These are all very good things to talk to your doctor about, but using them as your justification for quitting meds cold turkey without talking to your treatment team unfortunately falls squarely into the category of very bad thing instead.

There's a reason someone thought you should be taking these pills. The reason was probably akin to “something in your brain doesn't seem to be working right and we think this will help.” I'm not saying that that something in your brain is definitely still an issue, but it might be worth considering that your brain is not necessarily a wholly reliable narrator at this point.

But I'm pretty sure my "doctor" is out to get me

Rebuttal text text text.

But I've already tried everything and nothing helps

But I'm not really sick

But they're making me gain a lot of weight

But it's impossible to do anything because I'm exhausted and foggy

But I miss the creativity, the emotions, the highs

But the meds are changing who I am

But it's not like I deserve to feel better anyway

But I think my brain is actually better now

But they're too expensive

But my grandma's chiropractor's niece said I just need more fresh fruit juices

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