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Templates for common BPR Chat Wiki Pages

Please copy the text in the box as is to keep the Wiki formatting intact. See Table of Contents to jump to the template you are looking for.

Mental Health Condition Template

====== Condition Name ======

**TL;DR**: 1-3 sentences that sum up the condition as best you can. Common symptoms, common causes, common untruths that should be corrected up front.

==== General Info ====
  * Classification: Mood/Anxiety/Personality/etc disorder
  * DSM/ICD codes

==== Common Symptoms ====
Please provide a "friendly" description of what the disorder might feel like to someone experiencing it, and what it might look like if others were observing.

=== Full List of Symptoms/Criteria ===
  * Symptom 1
  * Symptom 2

==== Common Treatments ====
Please provide a rough overview of common treatments (e.g. "You're most likely going to try an SSRI first" or "Usually people diagnosed with this need both meds and therapy.")
=== Commonly Used Medications ===
  * Med or Med class 1
  * Med or Med class 2

=== Other Common Treatment Approaches ===
  * List specific therapies or strategies used
  * Feel free to break them out into their own categories if relevant

==== Things to watch for ====
Add any information here for warning signs specific to this disease that may be helpful to know. For example, you might want to include that it's very common for people with bipolar disorder to think they can stop taking their meds. Mentioning disorders that are frequently comorbid would be worthwhile too

==== Long-term ====
Is this likely a life-long thing? Will any of my symptoms ever get better? Can I expect potential relapses?

==== Additional information / FAQ ====
Use this section to provide any additional information or background about the condition that would be helpful to someone learning about this disorder who either might have it or might know something with it. Feel free to consider this section optional and delete.

==== Personal Experiences ====
Read about some of our [[exp:condition|personal experiences with Condition]].

Medication Information Template

====== Medication Name (generic) ======
===== Classification =====

**TL;DR**: 1-3 sentences that sum up the drug as best you can. Common usage, side effects, things you should know

==== General Info ====
  * Other names: List other common names this med might be known as (overseas, shorthand, branding)
  * Legal Status: over-the-counter, prescription, controlled substance

==== Used to treat ====
  * FDA-approved
    * Condition 1
    * Condition 2
  * Off-label
    * Condition 1
    * Condition 2

==== Side Effects ====

:!: **Emergency** - If you are experiencing these symptoms you should contact a doctor immediately. 
  * **Overdose**
    * Symptom 1
    * Symptom 2
  * Side effect 1
  * Side effect 2

== Common side effects ==
  * Side effect 1
  * Side effect 2

== Uncommon side effects ==
  * Side effect 1
  * Side effect 2

== Rare side effects ==
  * Side effect 1
  * Side effect 2

==== Warnings and Contraindications ====
  * Warning 1
  * Warning 2

==== Dosage ====

Official Guidelines: List the prescribing info

Typical Experience: What ranges are typically most effective for users?

==== Pricing ====

Is there a generic available for this med? Is is stupid-expensive for no reason? Is insurance likely to deny it?

==== Personal Experiences ====
Read about some of our [[exp:medname|personal experiences with Medname]].

BPR Chat User Bio Template

If you are a regular member of BPR Chat (#bipolarreddit) and would like your userpage added to our directory, please copy the template below, fill it out, and email to bprchatinfo AT gmail. You can also use this address to request updates to your current page.

==== Username ======

Include a 1-3ish sentence bio. Or not. Up to you.

[Attach up to 1 image you want to include here]

  * Create bullet points like this!
  * Examples of things you could include:
    * A/S/L
    * Current or prior diagnoses (Dx:)
    * Current or prior meds (Rx:)
    * What you do - for work, play, study
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