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Worried about your mental health?

A lot of people worry about what's going on in their brains at one point in their life or another. We all deal with bad days, weeks, excessive stress in very different ways, and sometimes the result looks kind of scary when we take a step back. For some people these are signs of a serious mental health condition and for others they will resolve more easily, but anyone who finds themselves in a distressed state deserves a chance to talk to someone who will take all of their mental health concerns seriously.

We say deserve because if you've gotten to the point where you're reading this page, you probably owe it to yourself to get checked out. There's nothing to be ashamed of and you don't have much to lose. (Though if you're having trouble accepting that statement, we recommend reading Reasons People Avoid Therapy).

You will also notice we mention talking to someone, and that usually implies some sort of mental health treatment provider (e.g. a therapist). This wiki is a great resource to learn more about mental health and we absolutely want everyone to educate themselves about the topic, but if you're worried about your own emotions/thoughts/behaviors or those of a friend or family member, talking to a professional is the best way to assess how to move forward with resolving those concerns.

We highly discourage “self-diagnosis”, though we do realize that many people face challenges with the diagnostic process and having an informed opinion can help one advocate for oneself.

If you've already been seen by a mental health professional or are looking for a little more information on getting the process started, check our out guide for the newly (or soon-to-be) diagnosed.

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